Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kal Tire runs ads based on weather on Astral Digital

Canadian weather can be harsh. The mix of cold, snow and rain can make for very unpredictable road conditions. And that’s exactly what Kal Tire is banking on.

Kal Tire is running a new winter campaign in Toronto and Vancouver on the 
Astral Out-of-Home Digital Network that keeps motorists up to date on current weather, and how roads and driving conditions are being affected. Drawing on up-to-the-minute data and forecasting, the digital displays will provide useful information and present visuals that match the current conditions. So whether rain is falling, snow is blowing or sun is shining, motorists will know what to expect from the drive ahead.

This campaign is based in the understanding that consumers are drawn to ads and visuals that reflect their current reality. The technology that powers Astral Out-of-Home’s Digital Network enables clients to make the most of this concept while also providing a useful and creative service that will get people’s attention and help get everyone to their destination safely. 

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