Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Digital signage can be almost as fast as Usain Bolt

Ad spend dramatically rises during large, international events like the Olympics. With it also comes (at least we hope) better content. UK cider brand Strongbow celebrated Usain Bolt’s 100 metre gold medal victory with a creative and unbranded tribute to the Olympic sprinter on 11 Ocean Outdoor screens including The Two Towers West.

Digital signage-backed Ocean can provide what it calls "Instant copy changes" that allowed Strongbow to switch their message from Earn It to Earn(ed). It accompanied the premium cider brand’s classic archery insignia, adapted to simulate the Jamaican sprinter’s trademark pose.

Ocean Outdoor Marketing Director Richard Malton said: “This was a clever, recognisable tribute to a remarkable run by the world’s fastest man. Strongbow rewards the man who gets the job done. Enough said.”

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