Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Capital Networks releases Android-powered digital signage solution

Capital Networks has release Audience for Android, an Android operating system version of its digital signage media player. The latest addition to the Audience software platform allows users to create, control, distribute and display content for dynamic digital signage displays without the added expense of a Windows PC.

The Audience for Android media player is compatible with Capital Networks' content management system and applications: Audience.foundation, Audience.billboard, Audience.data and Audience.sync (version 4.2 or above).

Performance-wise, the Audience android media player is able to display multi-zone shows up to 720p. It also has full support of the Audience real-time priority based scheduling model. Graphic transitions include snap, dissolve, push, crawl, zoom, wipe and DVEZoom (for video playback).

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