Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Burkhart Chooses Zest, Ayuda’s newly Unveiled Product for Buying Outdoor Advertising Online

Burkhart Advertising announced at the annual TAB/OAAA Conference that the company has selected Ayuda’s Zest product to bring their business online. Zest will “snap” into Burkhart’s corporate Web site and offer potential buyers the ability to discover inventory, check live avails, target point of interests using mapping, and build audience-based showings using TAB EYES ON demographic target rating points (TRPs) and Reach Frequency.

“What’s really unique about what we’re doing with Zest is that the system hooks into our charting engine and the TAB engine, both at the same time” stated Charlie Miller, CEO of Burkhart. “With Zest, we are offering our buyers total transparency. Buyers can run a live avails check on our inventory against a target EYES ON demographic. Burkhart has always strived to make our business easier to buy for our clients. Zest is a clear step in that direction, and in a world where we do everything online we think this is only the tip of the iceberg.”
Zest offers two modes. The first is a hyper-local, geographic targeting mode that allows buyers to target locations by specifying point of interests, and the second is a campaign-centric mode that centers on audience buys, incorporating TRPs and Reach Frequency.

“Burkhart has always demonstrated leadership in thinking about modernizing out-of-home” said Andreas Soupliotis, CEO of Ayuda. “Charlie and I have been talking for years about what we need to do to make out-of-home more accessible to the buyer. With Zest, buyers can discover locations, and get to an RFP stage within a few clicks. Moreover, we’ve built Zest to be able to hook into existing charting systems so we can check avails. And as the builders of the TAB EYES ON ADS system, it was a natural progression for us to bring TRPs and RF into the mix. The end result is a state-of-the art discovery and campaign building tool.”

While Zest is a fully-compatible HTML5 Web application that can run on any browser and any operating system (including Safari, and Apple operating systems), Ayuda also offers Zest customers an App available on the Apple AppStore. “While HTML5 runs on any platform, Apps are richer and more fun when consumed on an iPhone or iPad. We’ve also built a Zest App that takes advantage of local hardware such as GPS and the Accelerometer. These features make it easy for anyone who encounters a roadside billboard on the street to identify that specific board as well as similar inventory, immediately or while in transit. And I think operators will love the fact that with Zest, they can get their very own App in the Apple AppStore”.

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