Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gallery: Largest ever MicroTiles display

Christie in the EMEA has release a case study on their spectacular MicroTiles installation at the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in the city's Square Mile area.

The installation features 508 MicroTiles the LSE's Atrium in Paternoster Square and replaces a moving sculpture called "The Source". Installation services were provided by Christie partner Focus 21 Visual Communications Ltd.

Visitors entering the London Stock Exchange are greeted by two portable columns of Christie MicroTiles (they have their own power supply) in a 1 x 5 configuration. Further into the Atrium, there two strips of MicroTiles, each consisting of 29 and 31 MicroTiles respectively, and an impressive video wall that uses 132 MicroTiles in an 11 x 12 array. The video wall, in unison with the other MicroTiles arrays, stream a variety of content throughout the day including live news and market data from CNBC.

Another MicroTiles video wall (in 8 x 6 array) has been installed on the balcony overlooking the atrium and can mimic the content on the main video wall. On the ground level there is a mosaic of 46 MicroTiles of different depths and heights, while outside the Atrium, visitors are kept updated with another set of four columns of MicroTiles (in a 2 x 4 array).

Christie has a great video case study on their site. Here's some pictures of the installation to whet your appetite.

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