Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Edmonton City Centre Powers Digital Video Walls with Audience Software

The Edmonton City Centre shopping mall located in downtown Edmonton, Alberta is using Audience software to power a network of recently installed digital signage displays.

The goal of the installation is to engage the more the 4.5 million annual visitors that use the bridgeway connecting the east and west halves of the mall by introducing a network of large scale, digital video walls displaying news, entertainment and promotional info. The largest of the three displays consists of sixteen, 42 inch ultrathin monitors displaying a wide range of video, animation and automated content.

The first step for Edmonton City Centre was to find the perfect partner and software solution for the custom application. After screening multiple companies, WMC Digital Media Inc. was picked to manage the project in partnership with local Authorized Audience Reseller, Matrix Video Communications Corp (MVCC) and Capital Networks Limited.

MVCC was responsible for the installation of wiring, screens and mounts, and supplied the Audience software responsible for the creation and management of content for the digital signage displays, while Capital Networks provided initial production services including custom screen designs.

WMC Digital Media owns and operates the digital signage network within Edmonton City Centre space, managing a variety of sourced and original content including automated news updates in partnership with CTV News, Edmonton City Centre branding and promotion, Trivial Pursuit trivia in partnership with Hasbro, Inc., and various outside advertising opportunities.

“Our technology accommodates static images, animation, video and audio. The result is an enhanced experience for the shopper and downtown commuter,” says Walsh McPherson, Founder/President of WMC Digital Media Inc. “We draw from over 6,000,000 square feet in prime downtown office space, along with over 800,000 in retail. It’s imperative that we capture the attention of the 4,500,000 individuals that use our bridgeway annually.”

While providing a more modernized method for sharing information and promotions with patrons, the move from static print displays to digital signage also allows updates to be more timely and efficient, with content streamed to each display from one central location using the Audience software platform.

“Our mandate is to engage, inform and entertain all those who work, shop and play in downtown Edmonton. We have achieved this with state of the art software, hardware, and network platforms that enable us to provide virtually up to the second information through RSS feeds on news, weather, Hollywood reports and sports.”

The high impact digital signage also provides the opportunity to drive revenue by selling ad space to outside advertisers.

“We have an incredibly high standard for our advertising messaging, and its production. WMC looks to maximize return on investment for its advertisers by producing high impact, video and audio that people not only notice, but enjoy and recall.”

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