Friday, November 25, 2011

Clear Channel Expands Toronto Airport Digital Network

Clear Channel Outdoor Canada has launched the Digital Advertising and Wayfinding Network at Toronto Pearson Airport. What started as a single wayfinding and advertising module in Terminal 1 back in February, has expanded to 18 units in Terminals 1 and 3.

The spectacular display they piloted in February features an advertising module that incorporates two 103” vertically-oriented 1080P HD plasma displays and a retail promotional wayfinding module with two interactive touch screen displays.

The units will guide Toronto Pearson’s guests to departure gates, airport amenities, and dining and shopping offerings.

The Greater Toronto Airport Authority worked closely with network manager Clear Channel Canada to bring the new advertising units to Pearson. Additional consulting was provided by Arium Design, Gridcast Digital, and Jibestream Interactive.

Wayfinding is powered by Jibestream’s ‘NovoMap’ platform which incorporates a 3D engine that allows users to shift the map while maintaining a clear perspective of their current position.

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