Monday, November 14, 2011

Chief makes mounting iPads easy

Chief Manufacturing, a Minneapolis, MN-based A/V mounting solutions provider, announced that its new iPad 2® interface bracket is now available. The new accessory securely attaches an Apple® iPad 2 to a Chief monitor mount, creating a flexible, ergonomic solution.

Chief also has a first-generation iPad version available. Both allow an iPad to be mounted to most Chief F or K-Series wall, desk or pole mounts. Removal is also easy as the interface bracket can be removed without the use of tools, making it extremely convenient when you’re on the go.

Chief is touting the solution as being "perfect for digital signage and control system applications". Unless I'm misreading something, I don't necessarily agree with the digital signage part. Although many of the iPad's characteristics — its very small form-factor, relatively low price, ease of procurement, its ubiquitousness and availability of programmers for the platform — make it an interesting option for small kiosks or small signs, it seems like Chief's product would make them extremely easy to steal!

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