Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Astral OOH Launches Geomarketing Intelligence Service

Astral Out-of-Home, one of Canada's leading out-of-home advertising companies and subsidiary of Astral Media Inc., launched MARK today, its exclusive geo-marketing intelligence service. Available to Astral Out-of-Home clients, MARK provides a fresh, modern look at cities and the lifestyle and consumer habits of those who live or spend time in them to create and deliver effective, targeted advertising campaigns.

Through its observations and analyses, MARK pinpoints the urban movement of consumers and offers advertisers customized Out-of-Home solutions to optimize advertising messages based on urban mobility.

"More than ever, consumers behave like real urban nomads. There are 20% more of them on roads than 10 years ago, spending 35 minutes more per week just traveling between home and work," said Philippe René, Senior Director, Research, at Astral Out-of-Home. "This increased mobility leverages out-of-home advertising, which is achieving constant audience growth."

In this new media context defined by increased consumer movement, MARK relies on the most robust statistical data in the country relating to consumer habits and interest group movement towards their various lifestyle activities. With this expertise and its in-depth knowledge of markets, Astral Out-of-Home's Geo-marketing Intelligence team can provide a detailed portrait of the targeted clientele, analyze their profiles, and pinpoint how they go about their numerous consumer and leisure activities.

Astral Out-of-Home is a leader in innovation, thanks to strength of its network, the diversity of its portfolio, its creativity, and its geo-marketing intelligence. "We analyze over 5,000 marketing variables in order to accurately map out consumer movement in Canada's largest markets," adds Mr. René. "We can combine this expertise with our media creativity to considerably increase the impact of advertising campaigns by focusing distribution on select advertising faces where the targeted clientele live, work, shop, and play."

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