Friday, November 19, 2010

Explosive Media launch food & bev digital signage network in Atlantic Canada

Explosive Media announced today they have selected ScreenScape to power a new digital signage network catering to food and beverage operators based on the east coast of Canada. The announcement signals Explosive Media's shift toward a community-based approach to building its network and confirms ScreenScape as their technology platform for all future expansion.

Explosive Media is a digital marketing company that uses technology to help customers reach and engage young audiences. Explosive Media already operates The University Network - delivering entertainment, university news, and advertising through large LCD screens on university campuses across Atlantic Canada. ScreenScape is a leading digital signage platform and key enabler of location-based marketing that has pioneered a community-based approach to building and operating digital signage networks.

"Experienced operators of digital signage networks will tell you that the community-based approach that embodies ScreenScape is a dramatic step forward for the industry," said Explosive Media President and CEO Lloyd Nash, "Everything is moving towards location based marketing. We are pleased with the ease of use and connectedness of ScreenScape's technology."

"Explosive Media is now able to create their own value-added food and beverage network within the ScreenScape Community," said Kevin Dwyer, President and CEO of ScreenScape. "This gives them the best of two worlds, to be able to manage a network at a hyper-local level, and to collaborate with other members in the Community at large. Engaging patrons where they dine speaks to the power of location based marketing. As network operators, ScreenScape allows them create industry specific networks simply and cost effectively as their business grows."

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