Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Omnivex Digital Signage Used for Shuttle Bus Messaging

Destination Shuttle Service has chosen Omnivex's Moxie digital signage platform to implement passenger messaging on airport shuttle buses at LAX, called Shuttle Smart. The deployment also includes interactive kiosks placed in the lobbies of Destination Shuttle Service’s partner hotels. The system aims to enhance the hospitality experience by providing passengers with relevant travel, hotel and city information while on the buses and within the hotels.

Destination Shuttle Service wanted a way to effectively communicate with their passengers, welcoming them to town when they arrived and thanking them for their visit when they departed. Using Omnivex Moxie software and Microsoft Windows 7 location based services, GPS coordinates are sent via cellular network to the Omnivex server in real time indicating the current location of the bus. Omnivex GPSLink is used to combine this information with intelligent rules to determine the most appropriate content to display based on the current location. The screens inside the shuttles show information appropriate to travelers; information changes based on whether the shuttle is carrying arriving or departing passengers.

Inside the hotels, a large touch screen running Omnivex software delivers interactive content and information for hotel guests. Omnivex GPSLink delivers the information to Omnivex Moxie to display the locations of the shuttles in the area on a map, along with the estimated wait times before the next shuttle arrives at the hotel. The content also includes information such as flight departure status and advertising about local sites and attractions.

Here's a video of how Omnivex Moxie software uses features in Microsoft Windows 7 to deliver a complete digital signage solution to Shuttle Smart customers at LAX:

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