Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cruise Media Group Expands Digital Ad Network with Acquisition of Mommentum Health Media

Cruise Media Group, a place-based health media company headquartered in Toronto, has acquired full ownership of Mommentum Health Media, extending the reach of the country’s leading dedicated health and wellness digital screen network into major hospitals.

Cruise Media Group already had partial ownership of Mommentum, and full control in place, the 85 waiting room screens expands the total reach of what is marketed as the Mommentum Health Network (MHN). Adding the hospital’s audience counts raises the total annual viewership to an estimated 13 million health conscious Canadians. MHN covers 335 venues in Canada’s largest media markets.

“Bringing the companies under one umbrella just made sense,” says Ryan Cruise, President and CEO of Cruise Media Group. “This allows us to streamline our operations and better serve both our host hospitals and medical centres, and our advertising clients.”

Consolidation also helps clarify the offer, explains Cruise, by reducing media fragmentation and letting health and wellness brands and service providers use a single media buy to reach a huge cross-section of engaged consumers.

MHN’s puts its flat-panel video information systems free of charge into qualified medical clinics and hospital wait areas, providing the facilities with credible health and wellness programming – such as nutrition tips, disease awareness and prevention, and women’s health issues – that entertains, educates and engages patients and visitors. Venue operators also get tools that let them run location-specific messages, such as office hours and special clinic notices.

The MHN system offers the combined benefits of improving patient communications and education efforts, reducing perceived waiting times, and enhancing the overall patient experience.

MHN’s smart media distribution technology allows for granular targeting of advertising and promotion campaigns – from network-wide national programs to local and hyper-local ad clusters that enable health services companies, such as physiotherapists, to market only to patients visiting clinics in the same general geographic area.

Agreements and funding are in place to expand the HMN and almost double the monthly viewing audience to 15 million people. “We’ve spent the last few months upgrading existing sites and building critical mass in key markets,” explains Cruise. “We’re now planning a major push of new sites in those markets for Q4 and into next year.”

MHN is a founding member of the Canadian Health Media Network (CHMN), an umbrella media network that rolls up the media opportunity provided by hundreds of the busiest primary care offices and medical labs across Canada.

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