Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Corning's Gorilla Glass could be the next big thing for TV's

Gorilla, an ultra-strong and resistant glass developed by Corning back in 1962, could be the secret 'ingredient' that makes our flat panel TV's even flatter. The product had no commercial use until 2008 when it started being used as a protective layer over the screens of 40 million-plus cell phones and other mobile devices.

Because Gorilla is very hard to break, dent or scratch, Corning believes it will be the material of choice to create new frameless high-end flat panel TV's. Although there isn't really a functional benefit to using the ultra-resistant glass, it does have an aesthetic benefit which could give TV's a more 'futuristic' bezel-less look. That said, it may be restricted to higher-end models as the glass will likely add $30 to $60 to the cost of a set, according to DisplaySearch market analyst Paul Gagnon.

Corning has approached and is currently in talks with the major LCD TV manufacturers and expects to bring Gorilla Glass to the TV market in early 2011.

[ via AP]   

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