Tuesday, August 3, 2010

BlackBerry QR Campaign at Osheaga...kinda sucked

Don't like to rant but BlackBerry managed to make me deviate from my usual ways.

I was excited to see that BlackBerry / RIM was sponsoring this past weekend's Osheaga music festival in Montreal and that they had an associated campaign integrating QR codes — 3D bar codes popular in Japan as a marketing tool — that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) uses to exchange contact data.

Finally, a QR-code campaign in Canada! As per their blog, RIM's attending music festivals this summer across Canada, scattering images like the one above across the venues. Scanning the QR code with BBM should get you new "BBM friends" that will "let you know how to skip the long show lines, access exclusive content for your favorite bands, and maybe even how to get free tickets, VIP passes or a Nissan Cube."

That seems cool...unfortunately, when I scanned the code when I first noticed it on an associated web-page, the PIN — the eight character hexadecimal identification number assigned to each BlackBerry device — went into a pending status that was waiting for "authorization" and never left.

How disappointing...

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