Monday, July 26, 2010

Intel's Cash Register Concept

For about a year, Intel has been wanting to change the way you pay for products at stores from boring keypad and drawer, human-operated cash registers to crazy touchable cash "monuments".

Intel has a made a working prototype of their "Smart register" that is basically a self-checkout kiosk.

What's the main goal? Well, to sell more, obviously. The interesting part about it is that, in a way, its trying to emulate the online purchase experience in a brick-and-mortar.
Based on your purchase history from your credit card, the kiosk will recognize your shopping habits and give you recommendations of other products you might want to buy, just as will recommend (i.e. push) books or DVD's that are similar to what you've bought or that have been purchased by other clients that bought the same thing. 

[ via Wired ]

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