Thursday, July 15, 2010

BroadSign software now integrated with rVue booking platform

BroadSign International, a provider of on-demand digital signage software, have completed integration with rVue, Inc.'s demand-side platform for planning and buying digital out-of-home (DOOH) media.

BroadSign carried out the initial phase of integration with rVue last year, becoming the first digital signage software company to do so. This stage of integration has coincided with the launch of the new version of rVue’s web interface earlier this year. To date, 21 of the DOOH networks running on BroadSign have opted in to be part of rVue’s inventory.

BroadSign-powered networks can now be visible to the advertisers and agencies who use rVue to find DOOH ad inventory that meets their demographic and geographic criteria. Once the required inventory is discovered, media buyers can proceed to booking their campaigns. They can negotiate the rates, create insertion orders and follow the campaign’s progress through the same interface.

Brian Dusho, President and Chief Strategy officer of BroadSign, states, “Our integration with rVue is a precursor of the future industry-wide automation of cross-network DOOH campaigns. The irony today is that while our medium employs cutting edge technology, when it comes to aggregating cross-network buys - the coordination is for the most part manual. Together, rVue and BroadSign resolve that challenge and bring DOOH inventory to the media-buyer’s table in an easy-to-buy, transparent and accountable way.”

The rVue demand-side platform is free to enroll and requires no inventory aggregation or subscription fee. Networks can create a comprehensive profile featuring such critical information as audience demographics, reach, locations and estimated CPM values. Networks stay in control of their assets by being able to accept or reject an offer.

“This integration was developed to respond to the needs of both the advertisers and networks. By increasing the quantity, timeliness and accuracy of accountability data of BroadSign’s networks within the platform, the connection provides advertisers with the analytics that builds additional confidence in the media while reducing the network’s data management time,” said Jason Kates, Chief Executive Officer of rVue, Inc. “We are proud to continue our valued relationship with BroadSign in this important endeavor.”

rVue has enrolled networks in major DMAs across the United States and Canada with European expansion underway.    

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