Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Synergy Screens rapidly expanding with ScreenScape Community

Location-based advertising company Synergy Screens is rapidly growing its digital signage network and has expanded its ScreenScape license, announced company President and Founder, Mark Simmons.

“Our network is growing faster than we anticipated.” said Simmons. “Businesses of all kinds and sizes are recognizing the power in onsite digital marketing. We've introduced new venues to this platform and we have also drawn on the ScreenScape Community to turn existing ScreenScape customers onto our ad brokering services. There is definitely power in a network. ScreenScape helps us to scale our network while keeping capital costs under control. We look forward to becoming a go-to partner of choice for more new members as they discover and join ScreenScape.”

Mark Hemphill, Founder and Chief Product Officer of ScreenScape Networks stated, “Synergy Screens has recognized the power of the ScreenScape platform to drive rapid growth in their network. ScreenScape offers a business model that makes digital signage simple and cost-effective both for small business and for network operators. The key is the ScreenScape Community and the partnering that goes on within it. Synergy Screens is an excellent case-in-point. By linking venues and advertisers they help to drive new revenue streams for all participants. It's been fun to watch them expand and we thank them for their part in helping to grow the ScreenScape Community.”

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