Wednesday, June 2, 2010

QUICKY: New Astal Branding

Montreal-based media giant Astral Media...dropped the Media, in their corporate re-brand effort (although legally they are still Astral Media Inc). Astral now uses a "mosaic" theme and a new logo with lower-case "a".

The new visual identity is meant to reflect its new corporate profile, evolving culture and expansion across Canada:

“Astral has grown significantly over the past two years adding diversification to our media product offering, and extending our reach across Canada,” said Ian Greenberg, President and Chief Executive Officer at Astral. “Our new identity reflects the attributes of our unique culture, focused on providing innovative and tailored advertising solutions to clients, and on delivering rich and exciting content to consumers through a variety of platforms all across the country. Most importantly, it recognizes our exceptional people without whom none of this would be possible.”

I'm not a big fan of their new branding and its seems to be getting mixed reactions. Although the logotype looks more modern, the "a" is somewhat ugly. They went with a logo and scheme that to most westerners would likely say "multi-cultural"--but I think somebody forgot to tell Astral they are not the World Cup of soccer. The white cutout line also seems to disrupt the integrity of the logo.

The colors in the "a" would seem to represent their four media divisions...but there's a fifth color. Maybe the fifth color is for their employees.

Although the website hasn't changed much, the new logo placement seems very unbalanced. Seems like knit-picking but it really makes the website look awkward.

Do you like Astral's new visual identity?

Thanks to Gail over at DailyDOOH for noticing.

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