Thursday, May 13, 2010

 WIND Mobile Chooses ADFLOW Networks for In-Store Digital Signage

ADFLOW Networks Inc., a Burlington, Ontario-based provider of wireless retail digital media and interactive digital signage solutions, has strengthened its foothold in the mobile phone retailer industry by providing its ADFLOW DMS™ platform to Canada’s newest wireless telecommunications carrier, WIND Mobile, as the foundation for its in-store digital media system.

To help deliver this unique experience, all WIND Mobile retail stores and BlockBuster “store within a store” kiosks feature integrated ADFLOW digital signage displays throughout. All in-store digital media is controlled from a central remote location, enabling WIND to deliver eye-catching content and enhance the overall customer experience with both passive signage and interactive kiosks.

“ADFLOW is very experienced with digital media management in the wireless retail
space”, says Melissa Clark, Vice President, Sales and Distribution for Wind Mobile. “Given our aggressive store launch schedule, we relied heavily on ADFLOW’s expertise to ensure a smooth deployment…and they delivered.” As WIND Mobile expands its retail store footprint across Canada in 2010, ADFLOW digital signage will be an integral component of the overall look and feel of the store and as new store designs evolve, ADFLOW will continue to provide innovative digital media management ideas and solutions.”

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