Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vasco Choose Mirada Media to Power Zellers Network

Vasco Travel, a network of travel agencies specializing in cruises, packages, and tours, have included digital signage as part of their new turn-key franchise package and partnership with the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC), that will see Vasco outlets opening in Zellers stores across Canada. Montreal-based Mirada Media has been chosen to provide the technological platform, setup and network management of the signage architecture.

Each new Vasco-Zellers outlet will feature two 40"+ LCD panels displaying a promotional loop to attract shoppers in the busy department store. The loop will contain the latest vacation deals, promote Vasco's participation in the HBC Prime Points loyalty program and Deferred Payment Plans, and display advertising from preferred suppliers. Dynamic content, such as vacation hot-spot weather feeds, will also be shown to entice shoppers into booking the vacation of their dreams.

“As a technology leader in the travel industry, digital displays were a logical response to an extensive advertising campaign orchestrated in affiliation with HBC,” says Guillaume Racine, director of technology at the Atrium Group, Vasco's parent company. “We had to be innovative and make a big splash in all our branches, which was possible with digital signage,” he adds.

The first Vasco-Zellers outlets were opened in Quebec and Ontario, where Zellers has 56- and 105-store footprints, respectively. Vasco Travel's three-phase expansion will continue into 2012, at which point they plan to be in 80% of Zellers stores across Canada.

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