Monday, May 31, 2010

National Hockey training centre chooses ScreenScape for Digital Signage

National Training Centres joins ScreenScape to provide educational training videos to customers on site. Videos feature training techniques designed to improve power, speed, agility and core strength of athletes.

“For over a decade we have relied on traditional advertising means, and with very poor return on investment. We were ready to try something new. We then discovered ScreenScape. ScreenScape provides a real time medium with front row exposure to our target audience. We can add, change and share content with multiple locations with the click of a mouse. It’s so easy to program our playlist and comes at 1/100 of the cost we were paying before.” stated Dan Blackburn, Founder of National Training Centres.

When members join the ScreenScape Community they can interact socially with other members running screens independently in their venue. Cross promotion and joint marketing opportunities arise from these connections based on having a similar target audience or even due to proximity.

Blackburn continued, "The screens in the Westwood Arena help to educate and reinforce our training messages, and showcase our technology and methods of training. We’ve uploaded a number of our training videos to get started but there’s so much we can do with ScreenScape by cross promoting with other venues nearby. Sites in our neighborhood make sense to collaborate with, as it’s a great way to showcase our methods to attract new athletes to our programs."

Kevin Dwyer, President and CEO of ScreenScape commented, “ScreenScape is a great fit for National Training Centres as testimonial videos give the potential participant a sense of what kind of results they can expect from the training programs. These screens are as good as ‘word of mouth’ referrals acting on their behalf 24/7 - a powerful way for them to demonstrate their customer success. As more members join ScreenScape, opportunities for collaboration increase and audience experiences become richer. Open sharing and communication between members is what ScreenScape is all about. It puts all the power back in the hands of the venue manger to get their message in front of their audience at a price they can afford.”

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