Friday, April 9, 2010

Onestop launches Canada’s 1st Digital Out-of-Home industry channel in advertising agencies

Onestop Media Group announces Digital Out-of-Home Agency NetworkTM with leading advertising agencies and content providers at Canadian Media Directors Council’s Conference

Toronto, Ontario. April 8 2010 – Onestop Media Group (Onestop) launched its Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Agency NetworkTM to over 700 media enthusiasts today at the Canadian Media Directors’ Council (CMDC) conference. The Onestop Agency Network is Canada’s first DOOH media industry channel supported by leading content providers: Brunico Communications (Media in Canada and Stimulant), IAB, Cream, C Squared, and CMDC. First to join the league of DOOH crusaders with a Onestop Agency NetworkTM in their offices are: Media Experts, Mediacom and Cossette Communications.

Mark Sherman, Chief Executive Officer - Media Experts, says “We were the first to integrate the agency network channel in Media Experts locations across Canada. It is now an integral part of how we communicate allowing us to share content in a timely and relevant manner. We love it!”

Amanda Ploughman, President – MediaCom adds, “The agency network is one way we connect our MediaCom teams across the country and ensure that people first achieve better results.”

The Onestop Agency NetworkTM is a digitally broadcasted channel featuring real-time agency and industry specific information displayed on large format digital screens in agency lobbies, boardrooms and common areas. Each network is branded to its host agency and acts as a new internal communication tool for management to message staff and visitors. Agency staff use the Onestop system and proprietary smartADTM to schedule and highlight their greatest assets and accomplishments on their network – their people and their work for clients.

Mark Smyka, Director of Communications -Cossette, Toronto says, “The Onestop agency network has added an exciting new dimension to our office environment. Having a steady feed of news streamed into the office makes you feel more closely connected to the rest of the industry and the platform also provides a fresh new way of communicating internally. It’s still very new and I feel like we’ve only scratched the surface of its potential.”

Michael Girgis, CEO and President, Onestop Media Group adds, “By integrating Digital communications into the agency’s as a new communication tool, we are effectively educating and promoting the power of the medium in a meaningful way. The Onestop Agency NetworkTM allows us to keep DOOH top of mind with buyers and planners while demonstrating the medium’s unique real-time messaging capabilities. We are delighted to be working with the CMDC to bring this to all Canadian agencies.”

“Digital technology has been revolutionizing the media landscape. Our partnership with Onestop stands as testimony to our commitment to drive digital innovation and adoption among Canadian agencies. One of the ways we are currently demonstrating DOOH innovation is being featured today with a LIVE demonstration of a Digital Network with conference specific messaging, interactivity and as it happens highlights. A simultaneous feed of conference highlights will also be fed to all participating Onestop Agency Networks in real-time connecting those that could not make it to the conference.” says Janet Callaghan, CMDC Executive Director.

The Agency Network launch falls on the heels of Onestop’s Canada-wide DO IT DIGITALTM marketing campaign, aimed at educating advertisers about the benefits and value of digital media, and is another monumental step toward making Digital Out-of-Home mainstream among long-established media channels.

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Onestop Media Group is a world leader in the development, operation and innovation of Digital Out‐of‐Home Media. Onestop owns and operates Canada’s largest portfolio of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) properties, collectively reaching a Canadian audience of over 2,000,000 viewers daily. Onestop is constantly expanding its DOOH portfolio through qualified new partnerships, joint ventures, and strategic acquisitions. For more information on Onestop’s National portfolio of DOOH Networks visit:

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