Thursday, March 4, 2010

X2O Media Launches New Digital Signage Ad Production Service

The Montreal-based software developer has its roots in broadcast content product so why wouldn't X20 Media launch a content production service? According to their press release, the new Ad Production Service provides access to high-end ad content at affordable prices, allowing any network operator, big or small, to better monetize their network, while providing advertisers with an innovative content creation method.

Users can easily access the Ad Production Service on X2O’s Web site via the new content portal available at Offering a unique one-stop shop for ad creation, users can make style selections directly from X2O’s online content library. Users simply send their digital assets to X2O’s award-winning creative services team and have their ads professionally produced in record time. X2O continues to offer an ever-growing selection of digital signage content including templates, animated backgrounds, video clips, data feeds, and more.

The service is completely open and is not restricted to just the X2O Xpresenter™ platform. X2O Media decided to offer its innovative use of style sheets to all, allowing ads to be repurposed quickly and effectively to sharply focus content for specific marketing objectives, such as targeting a particular venue, meeting demographics, or to convey a seasonal theme.

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