Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Digital OOH Advertising Displays Engage Consumers and Drive Action

Toronto – March 30, 2010A new digital out-of-home survey conducted by TNS Canadian Facts provides compelling insight into consumer’s awareness and perception of digital OOH displays and their influence in prompting consumers to take action.

The survey was commissioned by OMAC, the Out-of-Home Marketing Association to identify opportunities for marketers to effectively use digital OOH displays in Canada.

Consumer awareness of digital out-of-home advertising displays is high, with almost three quarters (72%) of respondents age 18+ stating they had seen digital advertising in the past month.  Digital displays in place based venues such as restaurants, health clubs and shopping malls had the highest awareness level at 63%. Awareness of digital out-of-home advertising displays is higher in major markets where they are more prevalent.

“Not only is digital out-of-home advertising effective in catching people’s attention, it motivates consumers to respond,” said Rosanne Caron, President of OMAC.  “50% of respondents age 18+ said they took action after seeing digital out-of-home advertising.  Younger adults age 18-24 are even more likely to be influenced by digital advertising, with two-thirds taking some type of action after seeing digital out-of-home ads.”

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