Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Adding Game-based Marketing to your Digital Signage

Advertising Lab pointed out an interesting new book on an infrequently discussed aspect of marketing, game-based marketing. Authors Gabe Zichermann and Joselin Linder look at how "fun" can drive growth, community engagement and inspire customer loyalty.

People love rolling up the rim at Timmy's and collecting Monopoly properties at McDonald's. Everyone's had Air Miles or points on their credit card at some point. The popularity of Farmville shows that it works for social media. Why can't fun, or game-based marketing, be what brings digital signage and other place-based digital media out of its ignored stepchild status?

The people at LocaModa sure think big screens in public places can be fun. Just check out any of the apps/services like Wifitti or Jumbli. They even have Foursquare integration.

Let's face it, you watch a TV for interesting shows—screens that are for ads or information aren't usually that fun to look at. Looking at people's behaviour, or their inner-gamer, and including game mechanics into your digital signage content strategy could break the mold and truly engage the audience instead of simply having some passer byers "notice" the screen and message. This is especially true since digital signage can so easily be combined with other media or technology like mobile phones to provide interaction or act as a middle media platform.

At less than $20, seems like a good deal and good read. Here's a preview of what you get in between the covers:

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