Thursday, July 16, 2009

Test Drives Via Mobile Invitations

Here's a nice example of what I like to describe as "using digital signage as middle media": BMW Canada is using LCD screens in Toronto to invite people to register for a test drive via their mobile phones. The two 40" digital displays, installed close to an enticing z4 Roadster "parked" outside the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, are part of BMW’s ‘An Expression of Joy’ campaign which began in June.

Both the screens and the platform onto which the retractable roofed-vehicle is perched, entice the audience to text "DRIVE" via SMS and setup a test drive with their local BMW dealer--a perfect example of using digital signage or out-of-home as middle media where the call-to-action leads the audience to another secondary medium, in this case their mobile phone.

(Story & images via DailyDOOH)

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